4K/ 6K/ 8K

Some of the versions/series described below blur into each other because a new version of the console was often based on turning custom modifications into permanent features. Also many features were retrofittable.

The 4000E – First produced in 1980 following success of the 4000B series. The console featured: Inline channel architecture, 32 bus routing, 4 bus main output (quad panning), dynamics and EQ on all channels.

The 6000E – As 4000E but with 3 stereo output busses designated A(L&R), B(L&R) and C(L&R). AB and C busses can be combined via SL688V Mix Matrix module to feed main stereo output.

The above consoles later became available in G, G+ and G+SE version.

The 8000G+ Series – Incorporated modifications to meet the requirements of film, TV and Video post production environment.

The 8000GB – Designed as an on-air production console. Similar to a G+ but with 24 mono or 12 stereo clean feed mixes via dedicated bus outputs (using 5000 series bus master cassettes).

G+SE (Special Edition) – Was the last coat of paint given to the 4K and 6K consoles – the official description was:

  • Ultimation and Total Recall as standard
  • An enhanced Group Solo system providing group AFL and PFL
  • Console solo modes can be switched between destructive solo, stereo AFL and mono PFL
  • Routing to up to 48 tracks via 24 switch routing matrix
  • Four additional stereo auxiliary sends on every channel via the Stereo Cue controls
  • Improved track bouncing
  • Discrete four channel panning on every channel
  • Four channel main monitor system with switchable insert point
  • Included all the bells and whistles ever seen on a 4K and 6K.

The 5000 Series – The analogue answer to assignable consoles, built for the film, TV and radio environments, the 5K was a console that could be custom built based around an ever expanding series of cassettes/modules. This was a very ambitious console that plugged the gap in the film and broadcast studios before the introduction of digital techniques.