SSL 5000



Available in 2 formats – the original Recycled Audio 4U re-racks designed to accept up to 8 SSL 5000 series cassettes and the 1U re-rack designed to accept 2 SSL 5000 series cassettes.

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  • 4U 8 EQ
  • 1U EQ/Mic pre
  • 1U EQ/Dynamics
  • 1U Mic pre/Dynamics
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The 4U rack is a very powerful and cost effective addition to any non-SSL studio and can be configured specifically to suit your application; we have found them to be very popular with mastering engineers, who also love the filters on the 505 input modules, the accuracy and precision of the EQs, and the added flexibility of having insert points.

Following customer feedback we have added a battery back up to the power supply logic rails, which means that if you turn the unit off the switch settings are retained for the next time you turn it on.

We believe that ours are the only units on the market which are constructed using genuine SSL hybrid balancing/unbalancing stages, buscards, cables and connectors taken from the original console.

SSL consoles are renowned for their audio quality, reliability, and ease of maintenance and we have chosen to build our products this way so as not to compromise on any aspect of these high end audio tools. Vintage equipment is infinitely repairable if it’s been built in a way that allows for this and this is a key factor in our design.

The majority of EQ cassettes you will find on the market un-racked were taken from consoles where they were installed in a channel strip this means that the balancing stages were contained in the input/output module. If you are planning to use the SL502 modules without the SL501 or SL505 then the balancing hybrids will need to be added.