SSL 4000



First of all huge thanks for everyone’s patience, and we’re sorry to ask for more, we don’t have to explain why 2020 was a challenge, and 2021 has thrown up new issues. Due to an unprecedented volume of console sales and a limited workforce we have had to put the racks back on the shelves for now.  If you are on our waiting list then you are still on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as we are back on track, but at the moment we can’t predict when that will be though rest assured getting these back on the market is still at the top of our to do list!

We are still keeping our waiting list open and if anyone would like to be added to this just let us know at: 

 [email protected]  or via our contact page, and we’ll be happy to add you.

Our 4000 racks contain the classic mic pres, EQs, and dynamics that have been used on countless legendary recordings from the early 80s until the present day – they really have stood the test of time.

NB: in order to maintain quality and consistency and a good price our racks are produced in small “mass production” runs, it also means that we are unable to offer a racking service for other people’s channels. We do not sell these racks fitted with a single channel.

Internal PSU
Mechanical buffered VU meter
48V phantom power (switchable)
Overload indication
Output level control
Fully balanced switchable dynamics trigger input
Balanced output amplifier using authentic SSL output circuitry
Insert send and return (switchable)
Linkable dynamics for stereo use
Clarostat potentiometers.
115/230V (switchable)
Removable rack ears
Fully recapped, recalibrated and serviced

Options – New Prices will be available when we are back in production.
E series Brown 02 EQ – £2500
E series Brown upgraded to Black 242 EQ – £2750
G series G 292 EQ – £2750
Original G or E series Black 242 EQ – £2950
G series Dual Line input G 292 EQ – £2500
G series Dual Line input Black 242 EQ – £2750

Prices quoted excluding VAT and postage.

All options contain genuine, reconditioned 611 channels therefore availability of individual types varies depending on demand, and our stock and resources.

For more detailed information on EQ types – click here

These units are unequalled in quality and serviceability, its buscard system allows entire channel strips to be simply removed from the front of the enclosure for easy maintenance. Purpose build satin black powder coated rack with silk screened polycarbonate labeling. We’ve tried to think of everything, the removable rack ears mean that for desk top use you can stand the unit on its end, and if you mention this before ordering we can re-orientate the VU meter to suit.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order for your dream channel combination email us on [email protected] or call us on 0044 (0) 7976 408049